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How To REALLY Search The Internet


Part 1: Add A 'Discovery' Keyword And Relevant Keywords To Your Search
Part 2: Use Relevant Searches
Part 3: Building A Search Engine Toolbox
Part 4: Search Specific Domains
Part 5: Use Shortcuts
Part 6: Using Lesser Known Google Features
Part 7: Finding Different File Types

Part 6: Using Lesser Known Google Features

While you need to expand your search horizons beyond just using Google, it has to be acknowledged that Google is probably the most powerful search engine there is.

Understanding Google inside and out, how it works, and some of the untold hundreds of ways you can use it, will give you a skill/advantage that puts you well ahead of 95% of the people online today - including your competitors.

Remember, in the information-age, what skill could be more valuable than finding quality information and other forms of content (audio, video, ebooks, and so on)?

Just visit the following URL, and soak-in all the search-goodness that Google has to offer. (The page may take a while to load due to the large amount of content.)

Google's Related Pages Feature

Perhaps you've found a great resource online, something that is exactly what you were looking for.

It has a number of facts, information, and answers to your questions. Chances are, however, it doesn't contain everything you're looking for.

Google has a very useful feature that lets you enter the url of a page, and it will return to you a list of pages with similar/related content.

So where one resource/page might be weak in a particular area of a subject, a related resource/page might be strong.

Several resources together usually provides a very thorough understanding of the subject matter you're searching for.

When you find a page/resource that you find useful, copy its URL, then head over to Google and enter it into the search box:


After you press enter, Google will return a list of related sites/pages.

Search Automator automates this process!




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