The Power Of Intense Desire – Make It A Habit!

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Intense Desire

Our heart longings, our soul aspirations, are something more than mere vaporings of the imagination or idle dreams. They are prophecies, predictions, couriers, forerunners of things which can become realities. They are indicators of our possibilities. They measure the height of our aim, the range of our efficiency.

What we yearn for, earnestly desire and strive to bring about, tends to become a reality. Our ideals are the foreshadowing outlines of realities behind them — the substance of the things hoped for.

The sculptor knows that his ideal is not a mere fantasy of his imagination, but that it is a prophecy, a foreshadowing of that which will carve itself in “marble real.”

Question 1: In what way are desires or heart longings more than mere dreams?

An Amazing Process

When we begin to desire a thing, to yearn for it with all our hearts, we begin to establish relationship with it in proportion to the strength and persistency of our longing and intelligent effort to realize it.

The trouble with us is that we live too much in the material side of life, and not enough in the ideal. We should learn to live mentally in the ideal which we wish to make real. If we want, for example, to keep young, we should live in the mental state of youth; to be beautiful, we should live more in the mental state of beauty.

The advantage of living in the ideal is that all imperfections, physical, mental, and moral, are eliminated. We cannot see old age because old age is incompleteness, decrepitude, and these qualities can not exist in the ideal.

Question 2: What happens when we begin to desire something?

The Tremendous Power of Intense Belief

In the ideal, everything is youthful and beautiful; there is no suggestion of decay, of ugliness. The habit of living in the ideal, therefore, helps us wonderfully because it gives a perpetual pattern of the perfection for which we are striving. It increases hope and faith in our ultimate perfection and divinity, because in our vision we see glimpses of the reality which we instinctively feel must sometime, somewhere, be ours.

The habit of thinking and asserting things as we would like to have them, or as they ought to be, and of stoutly claiming our wholeness or completeness — believing that we cannot lack any good thing because we are one with the All Good, — supplies the pattern which the life-processes within us will reproduce. Keep constantly in your mind the ideal of the man or woman you would like to become. Hold the ideal of your efficiency and wholeness, and instantly strangle every disease image or suggestion of inferiority. Never allow yourself to dwell upon your weaknesses, deficiencies, or failures. Holding firmly the ideal and struggling vigorously to attain it will help you to realize it.

There is a tremendous power in the habit of expectancy, of believing that we shall realize our ambition ; that our dreams will come true.

Question 3: Why is intense belief so powerful?

intense desire
The Power of Intense Desire

Image Credit: Daniel Wütschert

Answer 1: Desires and heart longings are indicators of our possibilities.

Answer 2: When we begin to desire something we start to establish a relationship with it which starts to bring it closer to reality.

Answer 3: Intense belief is so powerful because when we make it a habit, we refuse to dwell on the negative and live a life of expectancy and fulfillment.

Excerpt from “The Miracle of Right Thought”, Chapter 1, by
Orison Swett Marden (1910)