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Step 5 - Goal Objectives: Looking Ahead To Get Ahead With Planning

With goal objectives in mind, consider the organizers of a marathon race. They take time to mark out the course. The way is planned.

Otherwise reaching the finish line would be a matter of chance depending on whether a runner just happened to be in the area to see it!

Likewise reaching goal objectives requires planning.


In Step 3 on how to reach goals we discussed the importance of identifying obstacles and acquiring help.

We were encouraged to make a list of possible obstacles and yet another list of knowledge, people or organizations that could help us.

In Step 4 with regard to goal planning we saw the need for deadlines and the need to make another list of manageable slices or segments leading toward the main goal.

Now Step 5 on goal objectives involves using all the information gathered from these two previous steps.

Combine all these lists and put them in a logical order

Lay out the manageable steps in order of progression interweaving the details from your obstacles list and help list.

Get a large sketch pad and play around with the order of things until the plan begins to flow towards your goal objectives.

Acquiring knowledge for example would come before contacting people or organizations.

Once you have educated yourself a little you can ask intelligent questions and get valuable answers and leads.

Without knowledge you don't even know what you need to know to be able to ask!

A mind map is an excellent tool for this kind of planning.
To learn about Mind Maps click here

Move Toward Goal Objectives With A FLEXIBLE Plan

Make sure your plan is not too rigid!

Otherwise any deviation from the course could spell disaster if the plan is not flexible!

So factor in room for the unexpected when moving towards your goal objectives.

If one deadline is missed it should not jeopardize the rest of the plan.

Have more than one option open at crucial stages.

The flow can then follow a different route and still arrive at the same destination and achieve your goal objectives.

Once this session is completed you now have an action plan.

The course to the finish line for your goal is set. The way is marked out. Goal Objectives - Look Ahead

This step is a tremendous confidence booster and it is extremely practical.

Without planning you can drop out of the race early on.

When it comes to your goal objectives, by looking ahead through planning you get ahead and stay ahead!

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