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Step 6 - When Reaching Goals Use Mental Pictures: Put An MGM Studio In Your Head!

To emphasize the connection between reaching goals and mental pictures think of:

  • The smiling face of someone close to you

  • The classroom on your first day at school

  • The first automobile you owned

  • That beautiful sunset on your last vacation


These sentences immediately bring pictures to your mind.

The brain often thinks in pictures. An understanding of this is important when reaching goals.

The human eye captures an incredibe amount of information with just one glance and relays it all to the brain which then translates that information into a form we 'see'.

It would be more accurate to say we see with our brains than with our eyes.

But here is a point that gets more exciting the more you think about it.

The brain does not need to receive information through the eyes to see every time.

It can recall from memory sights, sounds and feelings and put the whole sequence together and run it like a movie all inside our head.

Where is all this leading us in relation to reaching goals?

If we could construct our own movie, cast ourselves in the starring role, and act out the scenes as if we are achieving and reaching goals we have set and then play it over and over in our minds, what would be the result?


A movie is made by a lot of people but a key figure is the director.

His job includes visualizing the script and guiding the production crew and actors.

So be your own director.

Visualize yourself enjoying the benefits of reaching goals you have formulated.

This may sound a little 'off the wall' but many find this technique works!

In your mind create your own movie theater.

Imagine it now.

Imagine the walls, the seats, the stage, the screen. Put yourself in the front row.

Sit back, press a button and start the movie.

See yourself up there in vivid color reaching goals and enjoying whatever it is you were seeking.

Rewind. Play it again!

Every time you want to feel a surge of motivation, in your mind, slip into your own movie theater and just play it again.

This mental imaging merely cooperates with the way our brain works.

And what goes on in our minds has a direct bearing on our actions, reaching goals, and results we produce in our lives.

So go ahead! Take a few minutes to:

Visualize your goal, create the mental picture and put an MGM studio in your head!

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